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Monday, November 29, 1976
Houston Chronicle

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Principal Davis, an enthusiastic patron of the symphony, opera and ballet today, was infusing her charges with an appreciation of the finer things of life.

Every Thursday morning members ofthe fourth, fifth and sixth gradescame to the auditorium to listen to Walter Damrosch’s music appreciation program on the radio from New York City.

She stressed art appreciation, too, supplying prints of famous paintings by famous painters.

Principal Davis was succeeded by Principal Helen Todd – and if Mayor Fred Hofheinz ever gets depressed with his problems he should just read what she had to say about him: “Every time I see Fred Hofheinz apprearing before the televised cameras I think of the very first program we had after I took over. The play was “Cheaper by the Dozen” and Fred played the part of the father. I laugh everytime I think ofhim with that surrey. He was the most attractive thing that I every saw.”

Photo Insert Reads: Key participants in Tuesdays night’s open house for River Oaks Elementary alumni of the classes of 1929-69 – present principal Joy A. Liuzza (left) and first principal Margaret Eva Davis, who’ll be 90 on March 1.