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River Oaks Elementary Alumni on Facebook

All River Oaks Elementary Alumni are encouraged to join the group! If you would like to join the group, but do not have any friends who are already in the group, PLEASE send me either a Facebook message or an email that will verify the fact that you are an ROE Alumni. We get requests to join from people all over the world who have never been anywhere near ROE, but who apparently just like to join groups. So…if I get a request from someone I don’t know and who has no friends already in the group, I can’t approve it. I don’t want to turn anyone away who really is an alumni, so your help in this will be very much appreciated!

River Oaks Elementary Mugs, Caps, and Other Cool Stuff!

Houston’s River Oaks by Ann Dunphy Becker
A History of River Oaks

The Avalon Drug Store by Richard West,
an excellent article from Texas Monthly, May 1974

A good article on the River Oaks Theater from Houston History Magazine

River Oaks Elementary School Website

 River Oaks Elementary PTO Website

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